Sunday, October 11

Salam Awal Semester 5.


I just don't know where should I start. My life in this semester started with a trainwreck. Can't afford much rather than face it. My life? So far so good. I was a motivated person back then. (CEYYYYYY) And now, I seemed losing my own focus in many things. I questioned that almost everyday and I can't find one. Till one day I reached my own goals and back to the my own priorities where I think I can't be like this anymore. I got the scholarship which I think that was very good for me right now and Im glad, but I lose one another. I lose someone who used to be my apple of eyes. The one who I usually found him so strong and protective. But now, there were no more. No matter how, we can't returned back to the past where we don't belong right now. Just one thing for sure, I pray for him, and I pray for me so that we will get the best for us now and in future. We can't say there was nothing but we can say it was something. It blew pretty hard and it hurts. More than anyone can heal. So the heart is officially closed. (WELL YOU CAN TRY) I lose the friendship I valued much. I lose hearts to most of things that I did. People didn't noticed and I won' tell either. I tried myself to be as what I was before but I failed. I can't go beyond to the limits that I set earlier. Thats why things can't run as before. It just that I can't. Out of anything and everything, I can list what thing is not right, right now. I realized that but, I just do nothing over it.

Going back alone for this semester break.

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