Wednesday, June 15

leave me forever

Hai diri sendiri.

How time flies.
Approaching to the end of semester Six.
Many things happened
and many things changed as well

I'm tired with things happened around me
I am just praying that this holy month will bring the goodness in my life
It feels like tortured inside ya Allah.

Why should I fall hard when it supposed to be not the time yet.
Why should I met weird persons
Why should I met psychos
Why should I trust somebody that cannot even protect me.
Why so hard to find someone who really can equip you like what your parents do.
Why people can't do to us, like what I did....
Why people use me
Why should i pleased everyone and let me bleed myself
Why I cant stand to defend myself
Why I dont have the saviour
Why they can't see that I am helping them
Why should they take me for granted
Why they keep saying bad words to me
Why so hard to find a noble man
Why so hard just to be happy?
Why this things keep happening again and again
Why i just dont die

I need pills.
I am fucking tired with my life right now.
I need to sleep
I cant even hold myself anymore and that is just sucks
I miss the old me

Now, I just can pray one thing.
If it do bring bad to me, stray them from me ya Allah.
I cannot stand to always be there again.
I just need strength and positive vibes from people surrounding me.


  1. I know things that I have said were too much. I know I shouldn't act that way. Things just happened at a time, yes I do blame the situation and blaming myself for not being able to cope with what is happening in the surrounding. All I wanna do is be able to stay quiet and plan a solution for everything that is happening. But please don't lose your faith on me, I never have any bad intention towards you, never in my life ever think of using you, please don't be like this, don't think too negatively, I know that you're becoming me and I'm becoming you, just please, we can get through this together....


Hai awak! Moga awak sentiasa diberkati Allah SWT :)